It works! Got the Raspberry Pi running

The trick was to copy NOOPS on the SD card and let that install Raspian. Apperantly Raspian vanilla does not work (yet) on Raspberry Pi 4. I even managed to install elecLIBRE parallel to Raspian, by clicking both at start up. Here is what I did:

I downloaded NOOPS.

I formatted the SDcard with FAT32.

I copied NOOPS from HDD to SD card.

I inserted the SD card into the Raspberry 4.

I started the Raspberry 4

After a couple second a menu comes up with two options:

To install Raspian

To install elecLIBRE

both on that very SD card.

After a couple minutes the install was finied. I started the Raspi new and had again two options, to start Raspian or libreELEC.

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