Phone call from Microsoft

Today I got a phone call from Microsoft. At least thats what the voices on the other side of the line told me. They (I talked to at least three people) asked me if my Computer is on (I answered with yes) and told me that I have a problem on my computer, probably a trojan horse, and asked me to press the Windows key and the letter R at the same time. I actually did that. Nothing happened. The reason might be that I do not have Windows (at least at the moment) running on my computer. I asked the first guy for his name, his phone number and which department he works for. He answered in broken German that he works for Windows, Microsoft, gave me some phone number. At some point I talked to a woman and later again to another guy. The last guy said again, that I have a problem, I told him I don’t, but he might have one. The converation was ended from his side. I filled in a Microsoft Tech-Scam-Support form ( ). Microsoft would never phone anybody even if they assume that somebody has a virus. And embarrisingly enuf: the first link on this site goes to Microsoft.

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